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Head Teacher       Mr David England

Deputy Head Teacher     Mr Mark Francis

Assistant Head Teacher     Mrs Jocelyn King           Assistant Head Teacher      Miss Katie Rhodes


Year Group Class Name Teacher Learning Support Assistants
Foundation Stage  Rabbits Miss Meredith Howell  Mrs Saunders & Mrs Strachan
Foundation Stage  Badgers Mrs Louise Carter Mrs Chillery & Mr Hastings & Miss Barney
Year 1  Owls  Miss Lucy Irving Mrs Rashid
Year 1 Squirrels  Miss Alice Mannings Mrs Monk
Year 2 Zebras  Mrs Angela McGregor Miss Gillett 
Year 2 Camels  Mrs Samantha Todd Mrs Coles
Year 3 Crocodiles   Mrs Khayrun Begum Mrs Beattie 
Year 3 Alligators Mr Tom Clarke Mrs Lawrence
Year 4 Ostriches  Miss Christie Rosser Mr Smith 
Year 4 Giraffes Mr Joshua Watson Mrs Schwanke
Year 5 Tigers Mr Ian Burch Miss K. Williams 
Year 5 Meerkats Mr Mark Francis  Mr Thakuri
Year 6 Lions Miss Emily Capper Mrs Rakhra
Year 6 Gorilllas  Miss Katie Rhodes Mrs Hasler & Mrs Balch
Staff Member Role
Mrs Jocelyn King Inclusion Leader
Mrs Laura Bemand English and Maths Teacher
Mrs Alexandra Houghton Leadership and Professional Development Release Teacher
Mrs Wendy Williams  1:1 Learning Support
Mr Tony Dancer 1:1 Specialist Music Teacher
Mrs Dawn Fattore  Senior Administrative Manager/Finance 
Mrs Victoria Hotham  Personnel Officer/Health and Safety Officer 
Mrs Rebecca Humphrey Senior Administrative Assistant  
Mrs Sarah Quelch Senior Administrative Assistant 
Miss Clare Singleton Family Support Worker
Mrs Laura Bearman ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) 
Miss Wendy Brown Caretaker
Mrs Julie Williams  Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Julie Williams Resources and Library 
Your child will also work with a range of other staff from other agencies, sports and music providers.