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We have sketched many different things over the course of year 5 so far. Dragons, Vikings, and seasonal holidays. Recreate your favorite image from our maths lesson in your books. Can you improve it in any way this time?


Greek Hero Sketching

Also, our new topic will be Ancient Greeks as you know. Ancient Greece has a huge range of artwork and a long history of producing some of the greatest pieces of art in history. Your first Ancient Greek drawing will be of an Ancient Greek hero. There are many Ancient Greek heroes in many different stories all who looked different and used different weapons and equipment. Sketch one from a store of your choices such as Hercules or Orpheus. Or create your own Ancient Greek hero, keep their look and equipment of Ancient Greek, so no modern things like guns or smartphones.

The story of Hercules is in the reading section.


Greek Villain Sketching
Following on from our hero sketching activity I want you to sketch the main antagonist/ villain from your story that your hero sketch is from. If you create your own hero then you must create your own villain now. In Ancient Greek story, these would either be the more evil gods such as Hades to many of the different monsters that you can find in Greek mythology, it's up to you to design your own monster that would fit into a greek myth if you go down this route. 


Greek Myth setting Sketching
Following on from our hero and villain sketching activity I want you to sketch the main setting of your ancient greek story that your Hero and Villain are from. I would like you to draw the main setting of your story. With mine, it is in the underworld, for medusas and persues it would be in her cave and so on. If you create your own villain and hero you would be drawing where the final battle or big event of your own story takes place or your villain's lear. 



Sketching the world

Using your walks or even when going out shopping take pictures or even remember something specific. Once you have done this Sketch the image that you have into your HWK books. How realistic can you make it? Included light, shadow, and colour tones.




Make Dragons Eggs

Have you ever tried making magical dragon eggs?

Take an egg and some food colouring:

1. An adult should hard-boil some eggs.

2. Let them cool and then roll them on the work-surface to crackle the shell all over.

3. Half-fill some cups with water and mix in some food colouring into each cup (the gel pastes work best).

4. Pop an egg into each cup and leave in the fridge overnight.

5. Peel off the shell and you’ll see that the dye is taken up wherever the shell is cracked.



DT Activities


Activity 1
Moving Machine

Design a machine that moves a small object from one side of a room to the other without you touching it. Find: things around your house like a chair to start your machine from, for example, a tube from a lunch wrap to make a tunnel, some boxes to make a track. Then Review your design for success.

Design your dream bedroom.

Calculate how much paint you will need for the dream

room you designed?

How many litres/cans of paint do you think you will need? You could estimate how much the paint would cost.



Activity 2 

Create your own volcano make-a-homemade-volcano/

Take a video of the actual eruption

If you can’t access the internet

then create an artistic picture of a

volcano and record any facts which you can find in any books you may have.


Activity 3 

Improved Flight

Make a paper airplane

Measure how far the plane flies. Repeat the flight three more times and average the measurements. Try a new design to see if you can beat that distance.