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English 1

Ongoing Task

Journal Writing

Write and draw how you’re feeling each day. Don’t forget to write in chronological order. I look forward to seeing all the journals that you have been producing. These don't need to have much writing in but it will be nice to be keeping a record of everything you have done. 



This Week (Starting 25/05/2015)

You will be finishing off your Ancient Greek Story and making it into a full book.


Lesson 1 and 2

Finish off creating your Ancient Greek story. If you have already finished then go through and edit your story. Double-check your spellings and if your story makes sense. Remember the best way to check this is to read your story out loud to someone else. Do they understand it? Can they follow the story easily? If this only takes you one lesson then read your whole story to someone else in your house. Make sure you try to use different voices for characters and use dramatic tones for your voice to makes it interesting as possible. Then ask them for a review of your book and write it down after your book just like you see on the back of real books. 


Lesson 3 

With your story complete we now need to create a front and back cover and create a full book. It is up to you if you want to only design then on your exercise/ home learning books. Or copy the story out on individual sheets of paper or cut it out of your book. If you are cutting out of your book, make sure you as an adult to do it for you or to supervise you. Do not do it on your own. First thing Desing and create your front cover. Look at different books you have around your house as well as pictures online and underneath to see different examples. Think about what you will be putting on. Additionally you will need to have a title for your story here as well.  If you are keeping your book in your workbook then make sure that you do it on the next available page. If you will be making a booklet then make sure it goes on a single page. 


Lesson 4

Now you will be making the back cover again look at the examples you have at home as well as online. Make sure it links in with your and blurb in looks and colors. Also make sure your title is repeated here. Also on the back cover, you will need a blurb for your book. Make sure that you do not sum up your story and give away the ending. Instead a blurb should be very vague but must catch the reader's attention by being interesting and telling them bits of the story that will make them want to read on. If you are keeping your book in your workbook then make sure that you do it on the next available page. If you will be making a booklet then make sure it goes on a single page. 







Last weeks work. Work starting 18/05/2020

Lesson 1

Using the link below to revise the different grammatical structures that we have all covered in class before. Make sure that you watch the videos and complete all the games and activities. Once you have complete one web page create three examples of sentences that use the grammar-focused on that you could use in your story. Once you complete the first link move onto the second then the third. 




Relative Clauses:


Expanded noun phrases:



Lesson 2

Now that you have your word bank and some useful sentences to magpie its time to plan out your story. So using the story mountain structure that we have used before or the box up plan we have used before. Both underneath the text for you to copy into your books. This is not to be done as a draft but as a simple plan that will layout your story so you are better able to draft your story in the next few lessons.



Lesson 3-5

Draft each of the sections of your story following carefully the plan you have created in the previous. This is to last you till your next week's English so take your time with each section and put in as much detail as you can. Remember to use the different grammatical features that we covered in Lesson 1.





Activities to have a go at throughout the week or for short lessons


How many different words can you make using only the letters L C S O R A P T I.

You can only use each letter once. Try again with a different set of letters.


Here is a website you can use to brush up on and keep sharp all the English skills that as a year 5 you should know. The site is free to use and tells you if you get it wrong and explains the correct answer. Try going through no more than 10 a day and writing down any that you get wrong in your Home Learning books so you can practice them. After that create at least one but no more than 4 sentences that use at least one of the skills that you have practiced that day.