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Facing a Meltdown?

Lockdowns are stressful for us all and we are now in our third!

Sometimes things get too much for our children:

The wifi is dodgy,

The zoom call doesn't work,

They can't hear the teacher,

Younger  brother or sister is running around!

Before you know it tempers are short and the next step . . . 

Melt Down!

As a parent its hard to know how to respond?  This resource might help.

Ideally, print on to card, or print on to paper and glue to card (recycle cereal boxes) to make them stronger.

Cut up into individual cards.

Keep them handy.

Pick a card when you need one and try the calming strategy.

Older children may like to pick their own strategy from the pile.

You will quickly find your 'favourites' and will discard those that don't work for your child

If you do not have access to a printer at home, and you would really like to use this resource, please contact the school.