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Welcome Letter 2020_21

Welcome Letter 2020_21 1

Welcome to Foundation Stage!


Dear Badger Class,


We hope you have been enjoying the sun whilst staying safe and cool! Here is a little update so you know what is going on at school.


Last week in school we looked at the story of the Messy Magpie

We discussed the messages in the story and talked about the importance of looking after our environment.  We explored the school woods and hid the minibeast figures the children made last week with clay.

Some of the children created wonderful paintings and others wrote a letter explaining why we must not leave rubbish everywhere and should put it in the bin.


In maths we continued to practise writing numbers and counting backwards from 20.  We also began to explore the concept of taking away.  

We explained how you can use different language for the same sum; 3 minus 4 equals, 3 takeaway 4 makes or 3 subtract 4 is.........

The children then used blocks to find the answers.


What hard work! We hope you are continuing to work hard at home too!




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