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Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Welcome to Wellington Community Primary School! 


Welcome from Raj and Leo, our Head and Deputy Head Boy respectively.


Hello, my name is Raj and we are very proud to introduce you to Wellington Community Primary School. I have the pleasure of being Head Boy. I hope to welcome you to our thriving School near the centre of Aldershot.


I am delighted to be representing our school in a variety of diverse ways which we hope will support the school community and help it grow. I strive to accomplish and achieve to my very best of abilities. I pursue excellence in whatever that I aspire and I enjoy whether it’s academically, musically or in any type of sport. I hope to set a good example to all the children in all areas in school and that they will use the amazing behaviour they show in school and out of school.


My own thoughts of Wellington School are that, as a school, it is a kind, nurturing and helpful to all the children of the school. I believe our best aspects as a community are the amazing opportunities in clubs and trips. From my own experiences I know that the provided trips and clubs by the school are a great way to get involved in a variety of different things.


As Wellington Community Primary School we have values that we hope everyone will follow, so that we will reach excellence together!


Hello, my name is Leo and this year I have been voted Deputy Head Boy of Wellington school.


At Wellington I feel that we are a thriving community that always strives for excellence. I believe that Wellington has always had the quality of being a united community. Also, our school has wondrous members of staff that care very deeply about the many children. Wellington has always stood out from other schools because of our attitudes to learning and how we learn together from Year R to Year 6.


I have had been representing the school for two years prior to now. I have been a School Council member in Year 3 and Year 5. During my time in Wellington I have had many opportunities to participate in sporting competitions. These include the Cricket Festival, Disabled sports at Farnham Leisure centre and much more.


Being Deputy Head Boy for even just a few days has made me feel like I have a sense of purpose in the school. I can ensure that with our help Wellington will develop in a wonderful way.


Welcome from Kaya and Niyati, our Head and Deputy Head Girl respectively.


Hello my name is Kaya,


I am very proud to say that I am part of Wellington Community Primary school. I am delighted to have represented our school in different ways which will help our community grow. I am hoping to set a good example to the younger children.


My role as Head Girl is to help improve our school; my experience at this school has been the best! Here at Wellington we like to improve everyone`s learning and I think our school is outstanding because it has great teaching and learning, also it is named after the Duke of Wellington which I think is cool! I think one of the best aspects of Wellington is that it competes in a variety of competitions like sports, dance and other subjects like spelling.


A very warm welcome to everyone,


I am Niyati, Deputy Head Girl for this year. I am so glad to have been chosen for this position and I will try hard and be the best that I can. I always understand the best an individual can be and always recognise their best in them. The best aspect of the Wellington Community School is how we help each other. As I am new to school I was so happy to be helped by the children and teachers to learn all about the school.