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Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Our Head Girls and Boys

Hello, my name is Mia!


I have been elected to be the school's head girl for 2021 - 2022.  I am proud to be the head girl because Wellington is an amazing school to learn within and to be apart of.  I'm excited to take on my tasks and responsibilities as head girl and look forward to my last year at Wellington because it's been a blast!  

I believe I am a good role model for my fellow students and I am really happy to help wherever I can.  


Together for excellence!


Hi my name is Lexi and I am honoured to be Wellington's Deputy head Girl 2021 - 2022. 


I will always uphold all of the school values and inspire others to follow them.  I am very approachable, so if you have any problems at all, please do not hesitate to talk to me about anything.  I love everything about Wellington because it is educational, outstanding and all the teachers are brilliant and kind.

Together, I believe that we can achieve anything that we set our minds to and complete all our goals big or small.


I can't wait to take on my responsibilities as Deputy Head Girl. 


Hello my name is Harry Timmins and I have been elected to be Head Boy for this school year!


I started at Wellington school seven years ago and loved every second of it!  I will represent Wellington the best I can as Head Boy.  It's been a tough and strange 18 months, but I'm looking forward to making memories in my last year here at Wellington.


Welcome to Wellington, my name is Jamie and I am Deputy Head Boy.


Our school is a very special place where children from different backgrounds come together to learn as one!  Our school is a place where we get to make friends, learn new things and grow everyday.  The teachers at Wellington are kind, friendly and approachable.  They put a lot of effort into making our education fun and enjoyable.  Our students are nice and welcoming to new students and are very much like a family.  We have a good community spirit and always help each other out.  


I have enjoyed coming to Wellington as it has helped me become who I am today!