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Head Boy and Head Girl Welcome

Welcome to Wellington Community Primary School! 


Meet our Head Boy and Head Girl and our Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl at Wellington Community Primary School for 2019-2020. 


Hello I am Grazvydas E.


I am  very proud to be who  I am right now  and have  been  elected head  boy for  this school that has been selected “OUTSTANDING” from the Ofsted inspectors. I can understand why that has happened because our school teachers, staff and pupils have great behaviour towards and a fantastic attitude towards their learning and teaching .


My own thoughts of Wellington is that it’s the best school that I have experienced for 5 years. Out of the 3 schools I’ve been to this one gives me the best education, .as I do have an excellent teacher and I do love this school.


All of the pupils of this school really like this school and have really good behaviour. 


Grazvydas E.


Hello my name is Lati G and I am your head girl for the new academic year 2019 – 2020. 


As head girl I hope to bring positive changes to the school and be the voice that unites staff and pupils.  I want to motivate all the pupils in the school to work hard and stand by the school’s motto of: Together for excellence.  As well as this, if any student has any problems or worries I am more than happy to help.  I am a tenacious and motivated individual who enjoys learning new things and taking part in sporting activities.  The nurturing and healthy environment keeps this school going and thriving. 


I hope to help develop Wellington in every beneficial way.


Hello my name is Jaden and we are very proud to welcome all of you to our wonderful Wellington Community Primary school. I am grateful for being chosen as deputy head boy and I am delighted to represent our School.


I am a positive person and want to encourage every student to get actively involved in after-school clubs and sports teams .The school provides many opportunities for pupil participation like school trips, cake sales, the year 5 sleepover and Sports Day, to name but a few!!  


Our School has wondrous members of staff that care very deeply for the pupils. Wellington has always stood out from other schools. We are brilliant because we are well behaved and caring. Everyone values each other. The teachers make learning fun.


My job as deputy head boy will be to make Mr Francis and Mr. England aware of the wishes of the pupils and hopefully make them come true!!


I am pleased to offer you a warm welcome to Wellington!  My name is Brooke K and I’m delighted to be able to introduce myself as this year’s deputy head girl.


Wellington is a school that enables pupils to thrive not only academically but socially and emotionally too.  As a pupil at Wellington I can proudly say that my fellow pupils and I are extremely fortunate to have the opportunities to participate in a fantastic range of clubs, trips, activities and experiences.  Not only does the school achieve good grades, it is a school that allows friendships to flourish and has a high level of well-being.  Part of my role as deputy head girl is to encourage every pupil to reach their full potential and fulfil their dreams. 


Together as a school community and team we will strive to exceed our highest expectations and excel.  I promise that I will do my best to truly represent each and every person at my school.