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This week we are learning about co-ordinates. I have uploaded work for you to complete this week. 



As you all know, we are currently writing our 1st person perspective story about the Christmas Truce. We will be publishing this work in the New Year, therefore it would be very beneficial for you to continue writing at home, so you come back to school with as much of your story written reading to edit and write up!


I have uploaded word banks for you, which will help you with multiple sections. I have also attached the link, for you to watch the advert again, to help you with your writing.


Here is a list of things to include and think about when you are writing:

- Showing not telling (eg: don't tell me they are sad, SHOW ME...'A tear rolled down his face)

- 5 Senses

-Figurative Language (similes, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration)

- Adverbs (ly words)

- Adjectives to describe

- ISPACE (to vary your sentence starters) 

- Complex punctuation ; : - -