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Children with language delay or disorder


Most of our children at Wellington Community Primary School who show language difficulties, will have seen an NHS Speech and Language Therapist at some time within the last 6 months.

You will have received a report, sent to your home by the therapist which will summarise their progress and current needs and it will also have some targets and some 'general ideas for support', even if this was a 'Discharge Report'.

Please look back through these reports and keep practising all the targets given in the past.  It is important that these targets are kept in mind and your chid does not loose skills they have built up.

You will also find targets on all your child's Personal Learning Plans.

Here are some other ideas:


The online program, Language Links, that we use extensively in school for children with language difficulties has made contact with school to tell us that they have made resources available to parents for their homelearning.


To support your children's speech, language and communication needs, they have fast tracked the launch of their new Parent Portal to help with this. The site will be live from Friday 20th March and will provide parents with FREE speech and language advice, resources and activities.  


The site can be found at

Useful Apps:


Name of App



Star Rating (1*- 5*)


Splingo’s Language Universe

A language game based on understanding instructions



You can enter how many ICW you want in an instruction, and whether you want it to include nouns/verbs/prepositions/adjectives. It’s a very useful app, and children find it very motivating.


This app is for developing understanding of verbs by using videos of an alien acting them out



This is a fun app which is motivating for students to use. They point to a verb and the alien will act them out in a silly way. There is also a way for the student to say what you want the alien to do and it will act it out – there are roughly 40 verbs.

Super Duper Story Maker – Free

An app which you can use to create stories using photos or pictures.




Special Words

Based on Downs Ed. “See and Learn” programme.



Uses sight word recognition for photographs of objects – pictures of frequently used words for early vocabulary (and you can also take photographs of objects to make it more personal to the student).

Scene and Heard

AAC app by therapy box, which uses pictures, recorded audio and imported photographs to develop vocabulary use.




Things That go Together

Vocabulary Builder




One Step Two Step

Understanding a following directions.



This helps children to listen to and follow instructions in a fun and interactive way.

Heads Up

A description game



This app is a fun game to play in a group – One person holds the phone/tablet up, and the others have to describe the word that is being held up. If the person guessing gets it right, then they can move on and try and guess as many as they can within a minute.

Talking Mats






This can be used to make Social Stories, share news, make a visual schedule etc. by taking and using photographs.