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Don't forget to check seesaw for your assigned activities

Here are some of the problems we practiced this week:


  1. James Br and James B went to the swimming pool with James Br Mum. The tickets cost 1p each child to get into the pools. Mums can watch for free. How much does it cost James Br Mum for the two boys to go swimming? 

  2. Olivia and Josephine went to buy icecreams. Olivias cost 2p and Joesphines cost 3p. How much do their ice-creams cost altogether? 

  3. Matthew and David wanted to get new hot wheels. The car that Matthew wants costs 5p. The car that David wants cost 3p. How much money will it cost for both cars? 

  4. Sera and Eleanor are going to the movies. They want to watch Frozen 2 (again). The tickets to the movie are 4p each. How much does it cost for them to both go see a movie? 

  5. Siddarth has been working so hard with his online learning. His Mum said he can have a big treat. He is allowed to choose a chocolate bar AND an ice lolly. His chocolate bar costs 4p and his ice lolly costs 2p. How much does it cost for Siddarths treats?