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Listen to different genres of music and describe how they make you feel. Ask a

parent/carer to choose a song that they loved listening to when they were younger. Listen to it together. How did they dance to it?


How would you dance to it? How embarrassing is it to watch your parents/carers dance on a scale of 1 to 10? Choose your favourite song and put dance moves to it. Set a time each day when the whole family is doing chores such as washing or tidying up, put the music on and dance.



David Walliam's Music Podcast

Listen to David Walliams for a marvelous musical journey and meet some familiar names along the way – from the 19th-century heartthrob Franz Liszt to the famously grumpy Ludwig van Beethoven. This is a brilliant thing to listen too to learn more about classical music. While you may not realize we have listened to a lot in our lessons. See if you notice any that you have heard before.




Create your own music

Many of you may not have an instrument or experience in playing an instrument but that doesn't need to stop you. Here is a favorite band of mine that I have already shared with you guys in class before. Their style of using everyday objects as well as simple instruments like bells and boom whackers is fun and you can even try at home yourself. See what you can come up with on your own and have a go at yourself.


Here are two of their songs that show just how some singing and items around the house can create music. I especially like the box of pasta in "shape of you".