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Hopefully you are all aiming to keep yourselves as active as possible over this period. 


I know Joe Wicks has been very popular, but there are many different websites, which offer a variety of fitness videos. 

Click the link below for 'The Body Coach Channel' where you can access Joe Wicks videos:


The NHS Change4Life website offers many active, Disney based games, which you can do at home:


BBC Teach offer Super Movers Videos:


The Association of Physical Education offers their link to YouTube videos, to keep you active:


Fitness Blender, also offers many different workout videos, where you can choose the level of difficulty:

Zumba - Rockabye

Here is a Zumba work out to 'Rockabye'...

Click the link below for more Zumba workouts on the 'Zumba Kids Channel'



Cosmic Kids Yoga - Minecraft

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for Minecraft fans.

Click the link below for more Cosmic Yoga videos on the 'Cosmic Yoga Channel'