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Reading Comprehension Pack 


This document provides you with find 5 various extracts. Read the text carefully and then have a go at answering the questions. Remember you should look back at the text to help find the answers. The answers are listed below the extract when you are finished.


What do the letters mean?


The questions in the comprehensions are not numbered but labelled with a letter from VIPERS.

These letters correspond with key reading skills. If your child is not familiar with the letter codes, then do not worry – it is just highlighting the skill for them.




It is important that children are reading for at least 20 to 30 minutes a day.


You can also have a go at some of these activities:


  • Read aloud to as many different people as you can from the newspaper, a book, a website etc. Perhaps you read a page, and then they read a page.
  • Read aloud in a ‘character’ voice from a story
  • Draw a story map to help retell a story you know or are reading
  • Make stick puppets to retell a story and perform the puppet show to your family
  • Find and list words that rhyme
  • Draw and label a scene from your favourite part of a story
  • Collect inspiring ideas from reading for your own writing – phrases or words
  • Find out something new from a non-fiction book – share facts with your family
  • Write a blurb for a book you like or character description from the story