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Reading 1

Reading (Keep this ongoing)

Read a chapter of a book each day.

Make a prediction about the book you are currently reading, be sure to write down to see if your prediction is correct later in the book!


1)How are the characters and plot creating an interesting narrative in your book?

2)How has the main character/s changed?

3)What/who is responsible for this?

4)What do you think will happen next?


I have included a reading time table below on a PDF at the bottom of the page in the reading section that covers all that can be done across a week for reading.

As well as a Word compression map that can be copied into a book that allows you to fully explore a word. It is a great method for getting to grips with a word your not overly familiar with.



Oxford Reading

Please use the following link to access free online ebooks.

Maths, Phonics and Home Learning activities can also be accessed:



Virtual Bookshelf Home Use

Wellington School is now able to provide pupils with access to online Virtual Bookshelf. Please use this excellent resource to practise reading and comprehension. You can even access texts, which are then followed by comprehensive questions about the text.

Please use the following link, username and password to access more online learning resources:

User name: gu111qj

Password: writing



Audible Books

Are offering free non-subscription access to their catalogue.



Mr Twydell Reading How to cheat a Dragons Curse. On the school's website. Use the link to go to the page. I will be reading the full book fo you.



Ebooks and Online reading 

This website offers a range of Ebooks as well as ideas and information about the importance of reading for both parents and children. The books available are very fun and interesting to achieve.