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Year 6 Topics:



Evolution and Inheritance


The Raspatory System

Changing  Substances


There are many useful links the children can access to support their learning at home.


Our Summer topics in Science will be Sound. 

Children will learn how sounds are made, how sound travels and how space can affect how sound travels. They will also look at absorption of sound and vibration. We will also explore volume and pitch. 

We will also be looking at the anatomy of an ear and the science behind how these elements work. 


Use the following online lessons, activities, videos and complete the quizzes to test you leanring!




Lesson 1 - Thinking About Vibrations in Sound (week beginning 04.05.2020)

Anatomy of the Ear


Read the following page:


Complete this quiz to test your knowledge and learning:

During your time at home, why not give some of the following experiments a go?