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Is your child in Year R, Year 1 or Year 6 and about to come back to school?

Reading this story might help your child to understand what is happening and how school may be different when they return on 1st June.

Coming back to school after lockdown due to Coroavirus

New addition:

In "General Ideas and Support" find information from the Hampshire Parent Carer Network.  There is some good support there!


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Special Educational Needs and Disabilites page.

If you have clicked on this 'Class Page' link, then you probably have a child at Wellington who is on the Special Educational Needs Register, but if you have just come for a look, you are welcome too!

Mrs Bemand and I, Mrs King, are hoping to share with you some ideas that may help you with your child's additional needs during their homelearning.  Most of the ideas that we share we have been sent as links by many of the professionals who come to school to work with our children and share their advice and support.  We thank them for providing these ideas and links.

Share a Rainbow

Have you made a rainbow to share in a window of where you live?

Draw and crayon, felttip, paint, collage or craft a picture of a rainbow (or 2) and place it in a front window where neighbours can see it.

When you go out for your essential trips like shopping or exercise, look out for the rainbows in other peoples' windows. 

Can you count them?

The next time you go out, look to see if there are any new rainbows in your area.

Talk about your favourite rainbows and why you like them. 

Can you tell how they were made?


‘We know that after every storm the light of a rainbow will always be placed on our shoulders’

Have Fun When Washing Your Hands with the Baby Shark Song!