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Talking Games 1

Trust Walk

This is a game of trust, which requires very clear spoken instruction. Take it in turns for children (and adults) to wear the blindfold and follow the directions you are given, around the garden/house/park/local woods. This game reinforces the use of commands, time related vocabulary and prepositions, eg

Next, take three steps to the right, around the tree.

I Spy

Instead of saying what the object begins with, describe the object,

eg “I spy something that we can eat, it’s long and orange and when you bite it, it’s crunchy.”

Barrier Games

Sit back to back, one person draws a picture, or builds an object out of Lego, or selects a shape etc…This person then has to describe and explain what they’ve drawn or made by giving verbal descriptions,

eg I’d like you to draw a large square in the middle of your page….

The second person must draw exactly as they describe. When the instructions have finished, turn round and compare results!

One Word Story

This game can be fun and silly! It doesn’t matter how many people you have to play it. Take it in turns to say one word at a time, each new word must build on what the previous person has said so that it makes sense. The story can end up going in all sorts of directions!

Family Quiz

Ask open ‘Tell me’ questions rather than questions that require just a ‘yes/no’ response, eg

Tell me about your earliest memory….

Tell me about your favourite food….

Tell me about your favourite TV programme…

Tell me something I don’t know about you…


Daisy Chain Sentences

The rule of this game, is that whatever the sentence ends with, must begin the new sentence, eg

Today it was sunny outside….

….Outside, the children played on the trampoline….

….The trampoline is covered in leaves…

….Leaves fall in Autumn….