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The Concert Day

The Concert Day

Please read the following information from YV carefully. 


Registrations 1.30pm (Prompt)

Make your way to the YV Registration Desk on arrival. For security, all teachers and chaperones (additional adults that accompany your choir on the day) will be issued with a Young Voices Wristband on arrival. We will also record the actual number of children and adults in your choir as part of the registration process. Once registered please make your way to your designated seats (before going to the toilet).

Venue Security

If you are in need of any help or information on the day please ask for assistance from the arena staff. Once inside the arena the school must comply with the strict health & safety rules and regulations imposed by the arena and their respective local authorities. Some venues have extra security measures in place - updated information will shortly be available on your Teacher Centre account.

As a rule of thumb: no video cameras, or cameras with lenses that permanently extend beyond the body of the camera (even when turned off or detached) are not permitted in the choir or the audience.


Rehearsal 2.15-5pm (No interval)

Rehearsal will start on time, late choirs will miss the start. There is a lot of information and learning to share with the schools during our rehearsals. We ask teachers to make sure that their children are attentive and well behaved to make the most of this time. Please let a YV member know, if you are being affected by the behaviour of another school and we will take action.


Young Voices may need to move you from your designated seats for the benefit of the concert. This process will happen during the rehearsals.


*Please note, we have a new process in place where every school will get a shout out between 6.30pm and 7pm so that as parents take their seats they will be able to see where their school are situated.

Toilet trips
Please avoid large group toilet trips during rehearsal and the actual concert as it is very distracting for other schools and the audience. Please only take 2-3 children out of your choir at one time to the toilet.


Concert 7-9pm (No interval)

6.00pm - Children & Teachers need to be back in their seats.

*6.30pm - School shout outs.

ALL those sat in the choir Children, Teachers and helpers should wear a YV T-shirt or plain white top. Please make sure that all school jumpers/blazers are removed before the start of the concert. Dark trousers or skirts are recommended. Please stow coats and bags out of sight under your seats.

Distracting Props.

Please be sensitive to the overall audience experience. Only YV torches are allowed in the arena. Any other form of torch or coloured/ flashing lights are not permitted and will be confiscated. 10 minutes before the start of the concert, all such items must be switched off and removed from sight. No hats/headbands/hi-vis or neon clothing (including JoJo bows). We will make a note of any offending school.

Please don’t leave the concert before the end. This spoils the end of the concert for other choirs and the audience. Any schools leaving before the end of the concert will be noted and this could affect your ability to register for future concerts.

9pm Concert Ends