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History 1

For your topic project we would like you to research Ancient Greece. You are free to present your work however you would like.

Here are some suggestions:

Create a fact file about Ancient Greece.

Make your own Ancient Greek shield or sword.

Research life in Athens and Sparta and compare the two.

If you could travel back in time what would you ask the Ancient Greeks? Write a list of questions.

Design your own Ancient Greek artifact.



Much like our Vikings the Ancient Greeks used shields a lot in battle. So for your topic this week and next week (Week starting 27th and weeks starting 4th).

Create your own Ancient Greek shield. Look online for lots of different lines. There must be a symbol on the shield, this would represent the city-state that your shield would be with. It's up to you to use an existing one or to create your own. Some of you have already created one so research how the Greeks might use their shield. 


My Ancient Greek Shield

Still image for this video

Ancient Greek Sword or Spear


The Ancient Greeks fought with two main weapons a spear or a sword and sometimes both. These would make up help them with their shield wall battle techniques. 

It is up to you to decide which you will choose to make to go alongside your shield. These must be made as safe as possible and are not to be used for any silly behavior at home. You were all incredibly sensible during Viking day with your shields and axes so you are all more than capable of doing the same. 


Cardboard makes a very good base for your word and spearhead that can be reinforced with paper mache just as we have done in school with our Viking shields. The mix can be made with either flour and water or PVA and water. 


Some videos and instructions that you may come across will use a hot glue gun. If you do not have one there is no need to go out and buy one. Any glue is more than capable of holding multiple pieces of paper and cardboard together it will just take more time to dry. 


Sword instructions/ videos


Spear instructions/ videos



Geography  1


Activity 1

Map work

Can you find a map of UK? Or have a go at drawing one at home? Add a picture of a natural landmark and a built landmark area in the correct location. Describe why each of these landmarks are significant.

Create a map of North and South America using Lego. If you do not have Lego what creative ideas do you have for an alternative to make the map?




Cupboard raid

 Look at the packaging on food in the cupboard or fridge and find its origin. If you have an atlas, identify which product has traveled the furthest.

Consider the most effective way to record your findings. Can you make a chart or a graph to show the origin of the food in your fridge and cupboards?



Activity 3

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Create a poster about volcanoes

and earthquakes in South America. SouthAmerica

If you can’t access the internet then create an artistic picture of a volcano and record any facts which you can find in any books you may have.



Activity 4

Country Comparisons

What are the similarities and differences between Britain and ? (choose a country to compare)

 Create a list of similarities and differences between these 2 countries focusing on the weather, climate, culture and landscape.


Activity 5

Ancient Greek Empire

The ancient Greeks were able to create a large empire much like the Roman Empire under the command of Alexander the Great. Research and record each country that Alexander the Great conquered and was able to bring under his control. Write a list, how many countries did he conquer? Is this a lot? and how difficult do you think it was to control them.