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We are also extremely passionate about learning and embedding our times tables in Year 5. Children can earn coins for their own rockstar by concentrating on different time’s tables each week and consolidating the ones they  have learnt by revisiting them. Children can enter a garage, studio, arena or even festival session!




Reasons to play in the Garage: we recommend the Garage it is the default game to play as it’s designed to help pupils get faster. After a few games, the TT Rock Star software engine starts to work out which number facts each pupil struggles with and then begins presenting those questions more frequently.

We recommend that pupils play 3 times (a total of 3 minutes) in the Garage every day.

The teacher will control which questions pupils get in the Garage. It’s free from the distractions of competing against other pupils and as an extra incentive, pupils will get

10 coins per correct answer instead of 1. The focus, however, should be on competing against themselves.




Times-tables: unrestricted, i.e. questions from 1 × 1 up to 12 × 12 are possible. Roughly 1 in 5 questions are division.


Reasons to play in the Studio: we would get pupils to play in the Studio to have a measure of their overall speed on all the times tables. Much like being in a recording studio, this is where we want TT Rock Stars to record their best performances.

The TT Rock Star engine works out the children’s mean score over their last 10 games in the Studio and it’s their speed in the Studio that determines their rock status. The more questions on average that they answer correctly in a minute, the higher their rockstar status. Starting off as a Busker they get to Rock Star if their per question average is 3 seconds, Rock Legend if it’s under 2 seconds or Rock Hero if their average speed is 1 second or less per question.


Pupils may find it easier to understand on a per game basis, which would look like this:


If you answer 20 or more questions you’re a Rock Star!

If you answer 30 or more questions you’re a Rock Legend!

If you answer 60 or more questions you’re a Rock Hero!


Miss Stewart