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Rules and responsibilities

Create a game that includes rules, a way to score and at least one piece of equipment. Play the game with a family member or friend. After playing the game discuss ways that you could change the game.



Building Resilience Human Body Game

This challenge is good for building resilience and a have a go attitude.

You will ideally need a roll of paper (old wallpaper rolls are good for this) or the largest piece of paper you can find; alternatively, use chalk and do this outside on the ground. Ask someone in your family to draw round you on the paper. Now have a chat with the adults or older siblings in your family and discuss what organs are in your body. Do not do any research yet. Make a list. What do you think they look like? Can you guess their shape? Have a go at drawing them (in pencil) on your outline. This is about having a go and using guess work. It’s not about ‘being clever’ – it’s about the fact that you just haven’t studied it yet. This is important. Now do some research. Find an information book or website of the human body. (Parents – you may want to check the content here!)

• Give yourself 10 minutes to look and try to remember where the major organs are. Can you do this without taking notes? Try concentrating and remembering.

• Now, without looking, see if you can draw the organs on your outline (use a different Create a list of similarities and differences between these 2 countries focusing on the weather, climate, culture and landscape.

pen). Check to see how you did.

• If you’re not happy with how you did, have another go.

Make sure that every day you do something together that makes you laugh and feel good.

Feeling Good! How have you done this week?



Have you moaned and whinged your way through the week?

Moany Monday, Fuming Friday OR can you call your days Marvellous Monday, Fantastic Friday?



Make a weekly calendar with something great that happened each day.



Mindfulness for children