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English Mastery Documents

The workbooks below consist of weekly tasks in all areas of English: reading, writing, grammar and spellings.


How do I use the booklet?


Set aside time each week to complete the tasks. You don’t have to do one every day. Take your time to read and understand the extract. Ask an adult if you need help understanding the text. Read the instructions and questions carefully before you start a task. How do the lessons work?


Below are some suggested timings.


•Reading - 30 minutes (including time to re-read, look up words and ask questions)

•Writing - 45 minutes

•Grammar - 5 minutes

•Spelling - 10 minutes

Additional Resources 

Below are some writing activities. Try to complete one activity at a time.

Please note, each activity is made up of different tasks. The activity may take a few days, I would recommend working through the tasks at your own pace. If done properly, one activity should last a week (if you follow the suggested timetable).