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Year 1 Owls

Welcome to Owl Class!

Miss Quin Class Teacher

and Mrs Rashid LSA.

Year 1 Homework. 9th June 2022   Due in on Wednesday 16th June 2022



This week we have been learning about halves and quarters. We are familiar with the fraction ½ and ¼, but also shortly spoke about 2/4, ¾ and 4/4. We know a whole can be divided in two and 4 pieces, which all need to be equal. We have been halving and quartering shapes, but also amounts. We shortly came back to array groupings- which are easy to cut in halves and quarters as we can see them clearly. We also tried to find halves and quarters in a random group of objects, which was far trickier to do!



Our key story in the next two weeks is going to be “Handa’s surprise”. We introduced the story this week and have been writing brilliant “I see.., I think… and I wonder… statements. We also listened to the story and ordered and commented on the pictures from the story. Next week we will be tasting fruit (pineapple, banana, apples, oranges and mango) in order for us to come up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the fruit. Please let us know if your child cannot do this due to any allergies or for any other reason!!


Class Animals – Weekend Adventures

As each class at Wellington are known by a particular animal name, this term we would like to introduce our beloved Year 1 friends Hootie the owl and Sam the squirrel.


Every Friday one deserving pupil from each class that has shown outstanding behaviour throughout the week will get to take them home for the weekend and write about the adventures they get up to ready to share with the class on Monday!


Can you practise spelling these words at home:


Grp1:                   Grp2:

saw                       lawn

paw                       crawl

draw                       straw

yawn                                                          drawing

straw                  gnawing


English Homework

Handa’s surprise.  Complete the matching game on the worksheet. Can you remember which animal stole what fruit?  (YouTube)

Above is the link to a lovely video of the story to help you.

After this we would like you to choose 2 or 3 animals and their fruit. Can you make a beautiful sentence with the words? For example:

The stripey zebra stole a juicy orange from Handa’s basket.

Think about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Can you describe the animals and the fruit?

Last but not least: Have a go at your joined up writing!


Star of the week       

Congratulations to our star of the week Matthew! Very well done :) 


Oxford Reading Buddy shout out!  

Oxford Reading Buddy  

It is important that you continue to use Oxford Reading Buddy to read a range of books whilst learning at home. The quizzes are important and should be done as independently as possible. We look forward to seeing how much you are reading. 


Well done to the following children who have read on Oxford Reading Buddy this week:



You can all put up 100 house points for your fantastic reading!


Remember we should be logging onto Oxford Reading Buddy at least twice a week and completing the quizzes


To use My Maths, please follow the instructions below to help get you started.  Your child has been allocated their own log in which you can find in the front of their homework book.  My Maths will be set every 2 weeks :) 

My Maths Shout Outs!