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Thursday 1st  April

What another great week at school. We have continued our learning with fractions. You have started to learn how to quarter an object, a quantity and a shape. We have also continued looking at the Queen's Handbag. We have explored adjectives by describing the different places that the Queen visited. We hope you have a lovely Easter Holiday and enjoy your rest. We cannot wait to see you after Easter.


From now on all of our home learning will be uploaded onto the class page under the heading 'Home Learning' above and to seesaw. We do not need you to bring your home learning books to school. All home learning will be uploaded on a Thursday and is expected to be finished by the following Wednesday.

My maths will still continue to be uploaded every other Thursday. Please catch up on any outstanding task too.

Remember to keep reading at least 3 times a week, this includes your reading book from school and the ones on Oxford Reading Buddy.


Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Star of the week

Well done to Dominique for earning star of the week. You have settled into Wellington extremely well. Well done Dominique!

Oxford Reading Buddy  

It is important that you continue to use Oxford Reading Buddy to read a range of books whilst learning at home. The quizzes are important and should be done as independently as possible. We look forward to seeing how much you are reading. 


Well done to the following children who have read on Oxford Reading Buddy this week:

Anjila, Charlotte, Dominique, Emilia, Feras, Jacob, Joshua, Kayla, Leon, Logan, Lyna, Matilda, Willow, Sophie, Thomas and Vincent.


You can all put up 50 house points for your fantastic reading!


Remember we should be logging onto Oxford Reading Buddy at least twice a week and completing the quizzes too.

My Maths Shout Outs!


Well done to the following children who have completed their MyMaths homework on ' Counting backwards from 20' and 'Ordinal Numbers':

This is due in on Wednesday 31st March.

Lyna, Scarlett, Logan, Jay, Mison, Anjila, Jacob, Hazel, Emilia, Ollie, Joshua, Dominique, Leon, Feras and Charlotte



Well done to the following children who have completed their MyMaths homework on ' Comparing Length':

This was due in on Wednesday 17th March.

Lyna, Vincent, Thomas, Scarlett, Logan, Jay, Mison, Lola, Anjila, Jacob, Hazel, Emilia, Ollie, Willow, Joshua, Matilda, Leon, Charlotte, Feras and Sophie.


Remember you get 20 house points for completing your my maths homework.