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Year 1 Squirrels

Welcome to Squirrel Class Page!
Your teacher is Mrs Beattie and our class  LSA is Mrs Morris.










Our key story in the next two weeks is going to be “Handa’s surprise”. We introduced the story this week and have been writing brilliant “I see.., I think… and I wonder… statements. We also listened to the story and ordered and commented on the pictures from the story. On Friday we acted the story out as a class and had such fun!  


Next week we will be tasting fruit (pineapple, banana, apples, oranges and mango) in order for us to come up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the fruit. Please let us know if your child cannot do this due to any allergies or for any other reason!!

This week we have been learning about halves and quarters. We are familiar with the fraction ½ and ¼, but also shortly spoke about 2/4, ¾ and 4/4. We know a whole can be divided in two and 4 pieces, which all need to be equal. We have been halving and quartering shapes, but also amounts. We shortly came back to array groupings- which are easy to cut in halves and quarters as we can see them clearly. We also tried to find halves and quarters in a random group of objects, which was far trickier to do!


In PSHE we continued to work on being kind, inspired by the book  "Have you filled a bucket today?" (See attached link below). We have become bucket fillers and have been writing kind messages to our class friends who "filled our bucket" somewhere during the day. When you are a bucket filler you are giving or showing kindness to people around you, by saying kind things, being helpful and showing love and care toward each other. Everyone carries an invisible bucket and it keeps on being full as long as other people are being kind. By being kind you also fill your own bucket, as it is a great feeling to be kind to someone. Squirrels loved writing messaged to each other, especially when the kind message is shared in class. Lots of kindness and smiles. 

We made our own buckets and even some children made buckets for each other! Have a look at the result!


Kidco Storytime Online - Have You Filled a Bucket Today?


In Science we have been planting cucumber and beetroot seeds in soil and broad beans in cotton wool. We have been talking about the right way of planting them and what we need to do to look after them.  Hopefully we will see some seedlings soon!



This week's star of the week is.... Nathan!


Lots of growing confidence in the last few weeks. Great to see your happy face and to hear your voice! Fantastic Nathan.



Oxford Reading Buddy  

It is important that you continue to use Oxford Reading Buddy to read a range of books whilst learning at home. The quizzes are important and should be done as independently as possible. We look forward to seeing how much you are reading. 


Well done to the following children who have read on Oxford Reading Buddy this week:




You can all put up 100 house points for your fantastic reading!


Remember we should be logging onto Oxford Reading Buddy at least twice a week and completing the quizzes too.

To use My Maths, please follow the instructions below to help get you started.  Your child has been allocated their own log in which you can find in the front of their homework book.  My Maths will be set every 2 weeks :)