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Year 2 Camels

Home Learning - Week beginning 30.03.2020

Work will be found in your CGP books.


Monday 30.03.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 62-63

English P.10

Reading P.12


CGP (1)

Maths (recap) P.64-65

English P.16-17

Reading (Comprehension) P.8


Tuesday 31.03.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 64-65

English P.11

Reading P.13


CGP (1)

Maths (Recap) P.62-63

English P.18-19

Reading (Comprehension) P.9


Wednesday 01.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 66-67

English P.12

Reading P.14


CGP (1)

Maths P.66-67

English P. 20-21

Reading (Comprehension) P.10


Thursday 02.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 68-69

English P. 13

Reading P.14


CGP (1)

Maths P.68-69

English P. 22-23

Reading (Comprehension) P.11



Friday 03.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 54-55

English P. 14

Reading P.15


CGP (1)

Maths P. 58-59

English P. 24-25

Reading (Comprehension) P.12


Please copy the sheets into your homework book.

Home Learning Pack

Please refer to the website below for previous SATs papers, which can be accessed online. You can either download the paper or write the answers in your homework books, if you can't print them.



Welcome to Year 2!

Hello Camel Class,

Myself and Mr Smith are doing really well, we are hoping that you are too. Please remember to keep everyone around you safe by washing your hands regularly. 

I will add work to be done daily in your home learning (CGP) books.

I have been adding useful websites and tasks on here to keep you busy whilst school is closed. Please ensure you take a look.

MyMaths has been reset today, keep logging on to complete this. Don't forget to log onto Oxford Reading buddy to access a variety of reading books to keep you busy.

Have you all discovered Joe Wicks P.E lessons at 9am each morning? If not, get a parent to find it for you on YouTube.


I'll keep adding exciting new content to this page.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Todd


Spelling 1

Reading guidance