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Year 2 Zebras

Welcome to Year 2!

Hello  Zebra Class, 

Mrs McGregor and Mrs Monk are both missing being in school and seeing all your happy smiles.

Please don't' forget to use your  blue books  to do the home learning in,   you can use them to write stories, poems , rhymes and even diary entries.But most of all please do you GCP home learning books.

A new suggested timetable  has been downloaded.

Keep your mind and body busy by following a few of our ideas with a grown up.

Please come back and visit our class page regularly.

We have been filling this page with exciting  ideas to support and help you,


Home Learning - Week beginning 30.03.2020

Work will be found in your CGP books.


Monday 30.03.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 62-63

English P.10

Reading P.12


CGP (1)

Maths (recap) P.64-65

English P.16-17

Reading (Comprehension) P.8


Tuesday 31.03.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 64-65

English P.11

Reading P.13


CGP (1)

Maths (Recap) P.62-63

English P.18-19

Reading (Comprehension) P.9


Wednesday 01.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 66-67

English P.12

Reading P.14


CGP (1)

Maths P.66-67

English P. 20-21

Reading (Comprehension) P.10


Thursday 02.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 68-69

English P. 13

Reading P.14


CGP (1)

Maths P.68-69

English P. 22-23

Reading (Comprehension) P.11



Friday 03.04.2020

CGP (2)

Maths P. 54-55

English P. 14

Reading P.15


CGP (1)

Maths P. 58-59

English P. 24-25

Reading (Comprehension) P.12


Please complete the sheets in your homework books.

Home Learning Pack

Picture 1
Picture 2

maths daily choices homewok

handwriting tips