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Year 4 Ostriches

Welcome to Year 4!

Welcome to Ostrich Class! We are a class of Year 4 children. Mr Maslin is our Teacher and our LSA is Mr T. Come have a look at our page for reading updates, activities and to catch up on what we do!

Home Learning:


Please visit our class page daily, to complete our in-class tasks and complete TTRS as much as possible, if your child is poorly. 

Homework Expectations


Times Tables Rock Stars is to be done 4 times a week, starting with Soundcheck first (at least twice) then moving on to Studio afterwards. Home work is given out on a Thursday to be in by Tuesday the next week (Of course you can bring it in earlier!).

Projects all have individual dates for when they should be in. Check the homework page if you are unsure.

This week we've introduced and studied addition and subtraction from 4-digit numbers as well as learning about the Water Cycle and creating our own water wheels. We've been replicating Egyptian art using pastels and learning how to mummify the human body, have a look below to see our very professional looking mummies! 

Year 4 Curriculum newsletter Autumn

Well done to Baqir for being a fantastic academic role model. 300 house-points to you!

Maths will be entirely online today, I will post the resources after the lesson!

Lovely examples of graphs and 3d stairs - Thank you Riley, Jahkodi and Zosia!

Art task


For your Friday Art, draw a portrait of Captain Tom. I have included a how to video of drawing a portrait. I will let you choose any photo you like from the internet to base it of, but it must be of Captain Tom and must be portrait style (head and shoulders included).

How To Draw A Self Portrait: For Kids!

Follow along with this tutorial and learn how to draw your very own self portrait!Here is the Link for the Tips for Teachers video for this project: https://...

Dwayne Johnson - You're Welcome (From "Moana")

Watch all Frozen 2 music videos featuring "Into the Unknown" here:🌊🌊🌊Stream Disney's Moana on Disney+...

How To Beatbox Basics in 1 Minute

The Beatbox. Our instrument. Nobody gives it to us. Instead we carve it out of ourselves to speak music into the world. To some beatboxing might seem hard or...

This is to go along with your Listen2Me music lesson I've linked above

PE - Jump Start Jonny | Freeze

WHOOOPA! Get ready to FREEZE!

Message from Mrs Carter (Who was in our zoom group for maths this morning)


Dear Year 4,


I had a great time this morning joining in with your Maths session. I watched you explain how to solve column subtraction problems. 

I was particularly impressed with how you are checking to make sure your work is accurate and politely asking if you needed more help - well done. 

I hope to come back and see you all soon.



Mrs Carter

The Music Show Episode #1: The Beat Is the Heart of Music

Learn the FUNNNdamentals of music with The Music Show starring Luigi's Baton and Mike the Microphone, with special guest Cadence the Drummer. Subscribe to Jo...

Make sure you keep learning your spellings. Just try 5 at a time until you get them. Can you use them in a sentence?

Home Learning


Dear Ostriches,

I will be posting on the class page some daily activities to keep your brains working while we are isolating at home. It is using skills you all already have, but if you find any too challenging just give it a go. You don't have to submit any of it, just do it in your homework book or on any spare paper (I still want you to write the date in!). You do not need to email us the tasks you have completed. 


Importantly, remember to continue to play TTRS and read on Oxford Reading Buddy ! If you have forgotten your login details for TTRS or Reading Buddy, just ring the school office.


Hope you all stay safe, remember to look after yourself and your families,


- Mr Maslin

Only 11 sleeps until Christmas!laugh We can just imagine how excited your must all be knowing Christmas if fast approaching! So we have created some wonderful Christmas based Maths and English activities for you to complete each day until the end of term. We hope you enjoy them and remember to login in to TTRS and Oxford Reading.

Tuesday 15th December

Friday 11th December 2020

Shoutout and Homework reminder


Great week class! We have completed our advent challenge every day which has resulted in a bit more of a festive feeling around the class. Well done to Frankie for being Star Of The Week for his fantastic maths achievements. 


Remember that homework is given out on a Thursday and expected back in by Tuesday. This is YOUR responsibility, not your parents! Same goes for TTRS! It must be done twice a week minimum. If I see this hasn't been done then it will be considered that your homework hasn't been completed.


Having said that, well done as  class on TTRS for your amazing achievements. Our Soundcheck graph is looking very impressive. Keep practising and we can get more of us above the Green Line (I bet 10 before Christmas)!


Have a great weekend


- Mr Maslin

This weeks shoutout:


Well done for an amazing week! We learned lots about the UK and how it's surrounding seas and neighbouring countries, about how to use expanded column method and even more about changing states!

Well done to Ayon for getting Star of the Week, his responsibility and maturity are a good example to us all. 

Warming up with our Pyramid Projects, Naomi and Sra have shown off theirs. I am excited to see what will be revealed next week...


Have a great weekend,


- Mr Maslin

Shoutout of the week


Well done Ostrich class for a fantastic week of working through our new story "The Egyptian Cinderella", and for being so enthusiastic with our new topics. Friday was a special day as we all brought our Pyramid projects in (we will be showing them off next week). One that couldn't wait was Leon's pyramid... because it was all edible! A fantastic treat for the class, but twice as impressive because Leon made sure that the every single person in the class was catered for, whether it was for religious, cultural or dietary reasons, Leon found a way to make sure they could join in. This attitude towards others earned him Star of the Week!


Well done class, have a fantastic weekend!


-Mr Maslin 

Year 4 have been exploring Remembrance Day with silhouette artwork, as well as discussing the significance of the poppy.



Well done to Riley for getting Star of the Week! His efforts to raise the quality of his work have really impressed us, as well as his positive attitude each and every day.

Well done to the whole of Ostrich class, we now have 7 people above the green line in TTRS! Keep going and I'm sure by the end of this half term we will have our first goal of 10!

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday to finish off our first best write of the Scarab's Secret.


- Mr Maslin

End of our first half term


Well done Ostrich class for a brilliant half term. I am so proud of how resilient you have all been, alongside the kindness and support you have shown each other. I have had a lot of fun in the last few weeks, doing everything from making clay cartouches, going to Rowhill in the pouring rain, writing our first best write story and practising the Ukelele! 

Shoutout to Tahlia, our star of the week! Her attitude to new challenges is a good example to the whole class!


Have a wonderful half term, have lots of adventures and I already look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.


- Mr Maslin 

Homework - Half Term



We have had possibly our best week of the year in Ostrich class! Everyone's behaviour has been top notch, and our first best write drafts are coming along nicely. Our shout out this week goes to Mister Ali, who got star of the week for incredible attitude towards his learning and for helping his peers. Our second shout out goes to our resident TT Rock Star, Roux-Juan Jordaan, who amazed many teachers with his lightning fast maths skills (averaging 0.56 seconds per question). Very impressive, you are a good role for our aspiring rock stars!


Have a good weekends Ostrich class!


- Mr Maslin

Homework - 15th October

Friday Shoutout - 25th September


Hi Ostrich class! Fantastic week this week, I'm especially impressed with your effort in rounding, as well as making your Egyptian Cartouches! Shoutouts this week go to our newly voted in class rep - Leon! 

Well done to Rayan who got Star of the Week for his fantastical learning attitude! 


Have a great weekend, and I will see you fresh and early on Monday.

- Mr Maslin

Friday Shoutout 18th September


Another fantastic week here in Ostrich class, with our team succesfully tackling rounding, setting descriptions and Egyptian Cartouches!

Special mentions go to Leonie, Marwa, Zamin, Elias, Leon, Riley, Oartrick and Jahkodi for their efforts on TTRS, and a big shoutout to Kieran who got star of the week for his unstoppable attitude towards maths challenges!


Have a great weekend, we will see you on Monday!


-Mr Maslin, Mr T and Mrs Coles


First shoutout of the year to Ostrich class, well done for settling in so well and trying so hard in all of the lessons.

Very proud of Harvey and Marwa who have gotten Star of the Week for their exceptional attitude to the start of the year, and for all those who have already started their homework (Leon didn't even wait for the weekend to get it done!).


Mr T, Mrs Coles and I are very proud of what you've done i your first week, and are looking forward to the next one!

Look here for future shoutouts about TTRS, homework ad attitude in class, because specific people will be mentioned! Keep it up Ostriches!


-Mr Maslin


P.S Don't forget to do your TTRS Soundchecks at least twice, the go to Studio to do the tables I have set you :) 

Welcome Letter 2020_21

Monday 8th June update


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a nice half term and had lots of adventures. Here is a shoutout to Jake, Lexi M and George who still went on TTRS and did some Soundcheck last week, well done!

I'm also really proud of our scores as a class, so many more of us are regularly getting more than 20 questions right every soundcheck!

Today we went out to the firepit and recreated bonfire night with our Guy Fawkes figures and toasted marshmallows, before drawing some posters for fire safety. What have you all been doing at home?


Speak soon and stay safe,


Mr Maslin


P.S Do your best to keep doing at least a lesson a day o either the BBC Bitesize or Oak National websites!


Mr Maslin's Birthday Update!


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying the sunshine and working hard. I'm planning to spend my birthday eating lots of cake and drinking as much apple juice as possible! 


I've just checked TTRS and shoutout to Tyler, George, Kristiyan, Abigail, Lexi M, Isha, Jake and Joseph for practising this last week. Special mention to Isha, Jake and Joseph who have hugely improved their soundcheck scores recently. Keep it up!


Have an awesome day and thank you for all the cards I got!


Mr Maslin

Building planets and learning about human rights


Still image for this video

Times Tables Rock Stars of the week: Ava, Joseph, Abigail, Jayden, Lexi M, Harry, Lexi S and Tyler who have been practising hard this week! Well done!


I have sent everyone a rock slam challenge for them to respond to!

Notice from Miss Howell:

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well - we are missing you all lots!  We have opened up an art competition for all children from Wellington!!! Whether you are attending school or working hard from home; we would love to see lots of entries.  Take a look at the competition entry poster to find out all about it! If you are choosing to enter from home, when your entry is finished please take a photo of it and email it through to  Don't forget to include your full name and class on your entry!  Good luck and we look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations!   

Make sure you check down the page, the updates might not always appear at the top! Have you noticed the daily update of lessons from the national academy below?

Daily Lesson Updates


For daily lessons there are lots of options for you!


The best would be

where lessons are being uploaded every day! Please visit this and record your work in your home learning books!


You can also look into the additional resources pages at the top for plenty of work packs that you can explore.

Finally, keep an eye out for updates with "Reading with Mr Maslin" and videos I might post (shoutouts to those practicing on Times Tables Rock Stars)!


My other favourite is from the oak national academy. They have some cracking daily lessons that a lot of students are already accessing, well done!


With these above that will be plenty for you to be getting on with, and if you want to show off your work make sure to post it to the Wellington PTA Facebook page!


Stay safe and learn fun things,


Mr Maslin



Our day of tree measuring and planet creating!

Provision for learning at home


If you are at home due to illness, there is no reason you can't still learn! Keep up with your Rock Career on Times Tables Rock Stars. Can you beat your speed on Studio? Or finally get 25 out of 25 on Soundcheck? Or will you be in the top 8 for lifetime coins?


Keep up to date with what is happening in the world. Newsround changes several times a day, can you write a summary of today's topics?


Are you missing your Science lessons? Why don't you explore Planet Science, where there are so many activities and things to look at. Choose the topics that interest you!


Remember to do everything in your Home Learning books so that you can show it off to your teachers when you are back in school!


Here are some other websites you might enjoy:


All kinds of making.


Crest Awards
Science awards you can complete from home.


Creative computer programming

Ted Ed
All sorts of engaging educational videos

National Geographic Kids
Activities and quizzes for younger kids.

Learn languages for free. Web or app.










Maths - Perimeter

Guided Reading

Try the Wellington Challenge!