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Year 5 Meerkats

Welcome Letter 2020_21

Welcome to Year 5!

We are a class of Year 5 children. Our Teacher is Mr Twydell and our Learning Support Assistant is Miss K. Williams.

During school closures, all work is not expected to be printed out. Please use the Home Learning books to write questions and answers in. We will then take these in once children return to the school.


Dear parents and guardians,

With school being closed and the children unable to attend, the year 5 team have put up work on-line (on the class pages) for children to complete. I hope you all stay safe and healthy in this current time, the work I am putting here is so that the children all have access to opportunities to continue their learning, even while the school is closed.

Mr Twydell


9:00 - 9:30 Joe Wicks Morning Workout on Youtube
9:30 - 10:00 Maths lesson activity
10:00 - 10:15 Free time. Try something constructive of fun around the house. 
10:15 to 11:30 English and Guided Reading
11:30 to 12:00 Spelling/ TT Rockstars/ Handwriting
12:00 till 13:00 Lunch and free time (Keep a food diary to record all the fantastic food you have eaten)
13:00 to 13:45 Reading
13:45 to 15:00 Art/ Topic/ Science/ Cooking/ DT/ PE/ Wellbeing


With your Highwayman story complete see the English section above for up to date lessons and work. 

Additionally, this is a great opportunity to engage in lots of different activities around the home.
We would love to hear about all the things you will have done to pass the time.
Try learning a new game that you didn’t know already, there are loads free on the apps stores. I would highly recommend chess as an example.
Or any boards games or card games that you have at home or know. We would love to hear about them and for you to teach us when you are back in school.

If you have any questions about the home learning, please don't hesitate to ask.  We have attached a variety of worksheets to the class homepage should you wish to give them a go but mostly, we hope that you are all keeping well :) 

Thank you in advance

Mr Twydell