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Year 5 Tigers

Welcome to Year 5!

Tiger Class' Harvest performance is now available on the 'Wellington Media', so please check it out.


Shout Outs - 16/10/2020


To all of Tiger Class, 

Another amazing week Tigers. You should all feel very proud of the huge effort you have put into your work, especially in your big writes. They all look really good. In such a short time, you have all made some great progress.


I also want to say well done and fantastic effort with your two math tests. I hope that you all use that growth mindset to use your scores as motivation to better yourselves and improve for next time.


I am delighted to say, the levels of positivity have really been raised this week; special mention to Leyla and Lexie, who have really demonstrated a mature side of them to the rest of the class.


Congratulations to Joshua and Makayla, who were appointed Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) for Year 5, well done.


Another huge shout out goes to Makayla again, for achieving Star of the Week! She is always such a positive and kind person, who never seems to stop caring and cheering up those around her, who need some support- a great asset to Tiger Class.


Tigers, I am incredibly impressed with the rate at which you are improving and progressing from week to week. You should all be really proud of the progress you have made in such a short space of time. 


Have a great weekend, you've earned it.


Mr Burch



Times Table Rock Stars! (Remember to challenge me on TTRS) Bring it on!!! :)


Remember to be logging in and practising your times tables on TT Rock Stars! 

There will be weekly awards for achievement on TT Rock Stars this year.        

I look forward to receiving some more challenges off all of you.                                                            



Science Project


Remember your due date on your space project is the 11th December. I am always amazed at the level of effort that goes into these projects and I love displaying them in the school, for others to see. I look forward to seeing what you create this time.




Practice your spellings over the weekend. This week's spellings are focusing on words ending with -ible.

Spelling tests will be on Tuesday.