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Year 6 Gorillas

Maths homework (Subtracting decimals) 22/10/20


We have began looking at Newspaper Reports in class this week. Looking at some pictures the class were able to create fantastic headlines using alliteration and puns. We have continued with our story of Holes, and were impressed when Stanley dug his first hole. We have been focussing on mental calculation this week, to improve our ability to calculation simple questions quickly and efficiently. 


Have a fantastic weekend.


Mr Henchy 



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Year 6 want to present their Harvest video.
Our topic this year is 'Diversity' and Year 6 wanted to explore the diversity we are so proud of in our school.
We hope you enjoy!

Welcome Letter 2020_21

SRE Letter and Information for Parents

Information for Parents


We hope you and everyone in your family is well during these difficult times.


At this point, we would hope your children are choosing to complete work at home using their study books, websites or anything that we have put on our class page. We will continue to upload ideas of work the children can be completing whilst they are at home. This work is not a requirement, as your children may already be working hard on other aspects of their education. We will provide ideas for you and your children to work through over at least the next 3-4 weeks.


Once again we hope you are well, and everyone is keeping safe at home.


All the best


Mr Henchy and Mrs Rakhra 


Letter for parents with children who are self-isolating.

Update from Mr Henchy

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As you are aware the children have their ‘CGP’ revision books. It is expected that the children are working through these books whilst they are at home. I am not going to say that this piece of work on this day and so on. The children have the following revision books;

  • Maths arithmetic
  • Maths study book
  • Maths revision book
  • English reading book
  • English study book
  • English revision book
  • English Grammar, Punctuation and spelling


Some of these books have lots of information and a small amount of questions. For these books children must be making revision notes in order to help them to remember what they are revising. However, some books are completely questions, some of these books have answers in the back that the children could mark themselves.

All the revision notes that your child makes (there should be a large amount) should happen either in their red revision book, or their homework book. If they run out of space, then other paper will also be fine.

Example timetable of how a typical school day might be structured

English ideas for home school work


Read at least a chapter of a book each day and summarise the chapter in your own words. You could also read to your siblings, if you have any, as I'm sure they would love that!
Create a comic strip with pictures and writing to re-tell a story or part of a story that you have been reading.
Once you have finished a whole book, re-write the ending of the book and change how the book finishes to something completely different and your choice.

Design a front cover and a blurb for your own short story. Read a few different ideas of blurbs to help you.

Choose a couple of SPAG aspects that you are unsure of/forgotten and create a poster using your SPAG study guide.

For example; Subordinate clauses and Abstract nouns.

Create a colourful spelling rainbow with spelling words from the spelling packs you were given to help practise your spelling.
Take a picture of your garden or an area you may go for a walk and create a setting description of the picture. Remember to use the five senses and figurative language.
Write a postcard to your future self explaining what it is like during these times and what aspects of your life you won't take for granted again once this is all over. For example; you won't take going to the park with your friend for granted or going to your favourite restaurant with your family.


Monday 1st June 2020


This week we will be looking at the Titanic. 


You will be learning all about the Titanic, what it was, why it special and what tragic event happened.  

During the study of the Titanic, we shall be looking at persuasive features and composing a poster. 



Monday 1st June 2020


This week in Maths, we will be looking at Calculation and property of number!


Remember, if you can't print off work, complete work in your home learning books, a spare booklet at home or plain paper.

Tuesday 2nd June

Wednesday 3rd June

Thursday 4th June

Friday 5th June

More online resources to support learning at home



Please be encouraging your children to continue logging on and completing activities set on Times Table Rockstars.

Please also keep accessing My Maths, as there are great online resources.


Arithmetic Daily 10:

Times Table Practise:
Cool Maths 4 Kids, provides many online games to practise arithmetic:


Alongside the above resources, Maths 4 Kids gives access to videos, which provide great explanations of key maths skills.


Below is a very useful website link for free online classes for all year groups.


Please check it out.


I have also set many different tasks on MyMaths for the children to complete. Your children have been using MyMaths this year for homework. If they do not have their logon details, please contact school and I will happily provide you with their details.

Mr Henchy’s mental maths sequence

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Here is a short video from Mr Henchy with a maths chain like we have completed in class many times before :)

The Mayas

Our Topic for the Summer is the Mayas. 

The children will be introduced to the life of the Mayas, their way of living, artefacts and their impact in history. 


Lesson 2 - Understanding the religious beliefs of the Maya people (week beginning 08.06.2020)

Art home ideas

DT home ideas

Home science experiment ideas

Outside activity ideas

Home topic project- rivers