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Play Interventions

Play Interventions

Play based interventions encourage children to develop skills and strategies to remain regulated and able to learn. With reinforcement and indirect instruction to sustain and encourage the child in play activities, play intervention supports:

  • Friendship building     

Helping children to show respect to one another and share ideas

  • Turn taking 

Practice taking turns and helping them understand and regulate the uncomfortable emotions whilst playing games

  • Cooperating 

Develop listening skills and being able to join in whilst thinking of others. For some children this may mean listening more and accepting another point of view and for others it may mean creating a safe place to find and use their voice 

  • Boundaries 

Understanding their own and others’ personal space. Managing uncomfortable feelings such as anger, frustration or disappointment and overwhelming feelings of joy or excitement.

  • Confidence building 

Helping the child have faith in themselves and their own abilities and to regulate emotions in the face of real or imagined failure